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伟肯分布式变频器VACON® 20 X

    VACON® 20 X is a distributed inverter, which can be installed directly on the motor or anywhere near the motor. With outdoor chassis protection function, to ensure that the performance is maintained under the harsh conditions of high temperature, dirty, and large vibration.
    The inverter can be installed close to the motor to reduce the use of the electrical room and reduce the wiring cost. Protected vents ensure that the pressure in the inverter is balanced with the ambient pressure. It is anti-condensation, dust-proof and dust-proof to ensure stable operation of the inverter and prevent the rubber seals from wearing.
     VACON 20 X is easy to install and clean. Built-in PLC function, software can be customized.
Power range and supply voltage
     1 x 208-240 V...0.75-1.5 kW
     3 x 208-240V...0.75-4 kW
     3 x 380-480 V: 0.75-7.5 kW
Features and advantages
     Distributed design, cost-saving. Easy to clean and can be cleaned with pressurized water. Software solutions can be customized through the built-in PLC. No space limitation, and can be installed in any location
Application macro
     Fans, pumps, conveyors and flushing operations and general equipment.

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