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VLT® FCM 106 和 FCP 10

    VLT® DriveMotor FCM 106 has been installed on IE4 permanent magnet motors (PM) or IE 2 induction motors (IM) before leaving the factory. In order to achieve energy saving and complete flexibility in motor selection and system design, a suitable motor is selected and connected to the independent VLT® DriveMotor FCP 106.
    VLT DriveMotor FCM 106 has a compact design, lower installation costs, and simplifies complex systems. There is no need for cabinets and motor long cables, which further reduces costs. Equipped with integrated cooling system and independent adjustable motor adapter board, easy to install.
After connecting to the motor, the stand-alone VLT DriveMotor FCP 106 automatically sets the parameters to achieve stable and energy-efficient operation.
    Built-in functions for industrial applications such as fans and pumps make the configuration and debugging of the inverter faster.
Supply voltage and power range
    3 x 380-480 V...0.55-7.5 kW
Features and advantages
    The built-in DC reactor can reduce THDi below 46%, extend the life of the soft starter, and reduce the harmonic load of the main power supply. It is equipped with integrated FC protocol, Modbus, Metasys and BACnet or optional Profibus for flexible connection. Equipped with IP66/Type 4X outdoor-grade chassis and PCB protection, it can run the preset motor parameters stably and reliably under humid, dirty and corrosive conditions. The parameter settings can be easily changed through the memory module, thus saving time and enabling sleep mode. Save energy and extend service life.
Application macro
    Pumps, fans and conveyors.






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