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Roche Pharmaceuticals-Roots blower frequency conversion energy saving transforma

Background introduction:

    The plant’s three-waste treatment facility is equipped with three sets of 90kw Roots blowers. Since the air supply volume of the Roots blowers is relatively stable, the air volume must be adjusted according to actual needs in actual use. Generally, when the air volume needs to be reduced, the air flow is released through the air release valve. Loss of excess air volume causes a waste of energy. During the normal production and operation of the plant, the factory has two equipments and one equipment. The annual operating time is 8,000 hours/unit, and the annual power consumption is about 1.44 million KWh/unit. Usually one unit is not enough, and there is great redundancy when opening two units. The operation and utilization efficiency is not high.
Transformation result:
    After the frequency conversion transformation, through frequency conversion speed regulation, it is very convenient to control the power and speed of the fan, which greatly reduces the power consumption and the energy saving effect is very prominent. The system selects LG/SV090IH-4 dual-power inverter, one-to-one control, and a piano-key console is set on site. After the completion of the project in December 2003, the energy-saving effect was quite satisfactory in terms of actual operation. In the past year, the three sets of Roots blowers have achieved energy savings of more than 30%.
    Conclusion: Frequency conversion and energy saving are universally applicable to occasions where flow needs to be adjusted, such as blowers, induced draft fans, and water pumps. The effect is remarkable.
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