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Hengdian Film and Television City-Frequency Conversion Application of Waterfall

National 5A-level tourist attraction-Hengdian Film and Television City, located in Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China. It includes Qin Palace, Ming and Qing Palace Gardens, Guangzhou Street·Hong Kong Street, Qingming River Tour, Ming and Qing Civil Residence Expo City, Huaxia Cultural Park, and Dream The film and television experience theme park group including the valley, Pingyan Dongfu, Dazhi Temple and other scenic spots, is a large-scale comprehensive tourist resort integrating film and television tourism, vacation, leisure and sightseeing.

  At present, 8 sets of 250KW Danfoss FC300 series inverter cabinets are installed in the waterfall landscape area of the movie city. The compact design and efficient heat dissipation management of the FC300 series inverter reduce the space occupied by the inverter, reduce the initial cost, and improve the overall availability of the system; Coupled with a high level of protection, it meets the user's requirements for use under particularly harsh conditions.

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