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VACON® NXP Grid Converter

丹佛斯变频器VACON® NXP Grid Converter

    VACON® NXP Grid Converter is a marine power alternative energy technology that can help reduce fuel consumption and improve energy efficiency. It can be used to generate electricity for ship engines and port power equipment to meet the relevant needs of the government and port authorities.
    When VACON NXP Grid Converter is used in combination with a marine shore power solution, the local grid can be powered through a set of cables, not through the ship's main engine or generator. This process is sometimes called "cold scalding" and has a significant positive impact on fuel economy, reducing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide emissions, while reducing noise and vibration.
    VACON NXP Grid Converter can also be applied to shaft generators to ensure that the propulsion unit runs at different speeds. The shaft generator decouples the shaft speed RPM and power (frequency), which can improve electrical quality and fuel economy. In addition, the main shaft can transmit power in both directions. This is especially suitable for ships that frequently change gears, saving fuel and reducing exhaust emissions by at least 15%. It also has an emergency mode, so the ship can still travel smoothly when the main engine fails.
Supply voltage and power range
    Air cooling:
    3 x 380-500 V...180-1100 kW
    3 x 525-690 V...200-1200 kW
    Water cooling:
    3 x 380-500 V...160-1800 kW
    3 x 525-690 V...210-1800 kW
Features and advantages
    Power can be provided through the city grid to reduce fuel consumption. The main generator can be turned off to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide emissions. It meets ABS and DNV standards. It optimizes engine speed and improves energy efficiency. Provides liquid-cooled and air-cooled solutions
Application macro
    Shaft generator and shore power system.






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