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VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled Common DC Bus

丹佛斯变频器VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled Common DC Bus

     The VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled frequency converter adopts the appropriate power/size ratio, which is suitable for applications where space is limited or air cooling is difficult. The frequency converter is small in size, sturdy and durable, and reliable in performance. It is suitable for heavy industrial environments with harsh working conditions such as ships, offshore and mining.
    VACON® NXP series water-cooled common DC bus inverter products include front-end units, inverter units and brake choppers to ensure effective use and redistribution of all energy in the system.
    Common DC bus components can be applied in many different combinations. In regenerative DC bus equipment, the front-end unit generates energy and transmits it back to the power supply network. This is suitable for applications where braking is often required and the braking power is high. In a non-regenerative system, the braking power is redistributed to other inverters in the system, and the optional braking chopper and braking resistor can be used to dissipate the heat generated by the excess power. This is very suitable for small production lines that do not often require braking.
    The inverter can reach a high level of protection (IP54 or higher), and can be installed in almost any place in the factory or on the ship. This can eliminate the load of the air conditioning system in the power distribution room, thereby reducing the cost and installation time, and it is very suitable for retrofitting.
Supply voltage and power range
    3 x 380-500 V...7.5-4100 kW
    3 x 525-690 V...110-5300 kW
Features and advantages
    The regenerative filter transfers excess braking energy back to the power supply network, thereby reducing energy costs. Cable wiring and installation time are shortened, and investment costs are reduced. Optimized module design does not require additional design and cabinet space, which can save costs and reduce floor space. Five built-in expansion slots can be plugged into other I/O, fieldbus and functional safety boards to reduce system complexity. Active front-end unit can improve the tolerance of the inverter to voltage sags and reduce harmonic distortion. Compact board, easy to install
Application macro
    Continuous drum and roller conveyor equipment, rewinders, cranes, cranes, gantry and cart drives, centrifuges, winches, conveyors and excavators.






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