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VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled

丹佛斯变频器VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled

    The VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled frequency converter adopts the appropriate power/size ratio, which is suitable for applications where space is limited or air cooling is difficult. The frequency converter is small in size, sturdy and durable, and reliable in performance. It is suitable for heavy industrial environments with harsh working conditions such as ships, offshore and mining.
    Liquid-cooled AC Drive can be used in many combinations such as customized single drives and large-scale common DC bus systems. These fully standardized inverters have multiple functions to reduce life cycle costs while making full use of space.
    The inverter can reach a high level of protection (IP54 or higher), and can be installed in almost any place in the factory or on the ship. This can eliminate the load of the air conditioning system in the power distribution room, thereby reducing the cost and installation time, and it is very suitable for retrofitting.
    Maintenance is quick and easy. The Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 (SS1) functions improve safety, and the coated circuit board improves reliability.
Supply voltage and power range
    3 x 380-500 V...132-4100 kW
    3 x 525-690 V...110-5300 kW
Features and advantages
    The compact design does not require ventilation ducts, thereby reducing the ground space requirements and infrastructure requirements. Due to the reduced heat dissipation loss to the air, there is no need to install large air-conditioning systems, so investment costs are saved. Comply with all relevant aspects including ship, safety, EMC and harmonic certification. International standards and requirements do not require large cooling fans, almost silent operation
Application macro
    Compressors, wind turbines, extruders, pumps, fans, conveyors, crushers, main thrusters, test benches, cranes, winches and power conversion systems.






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