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VACON® NXP System Drive

丹佛斯变频器VACON® NXP System Drive

    VACON® NXP System Drive is a comprehensively configured common DC bus inverter, which can meet the needs of heavy industry. It can run continuously without stopping, and the maintenance time is very short.
    According to the functional combination of components, each installation stage can be planned according to customer requirements. The integrated transmission blocks can be arranged through the design component slots on the side to save space. In addition, you can also add other shipping parts to speed up the installation. All larger modules have a slide-out structure for easy installation and maintenance.
    VACON NXP System Drive is stable and durable. The busbar system and high/low power devices are separated into each nacelle. Therefore, if there is a problem in one part, it will be isolated without affecting other parts, thereby prolonging the service life and reducing maintenance costs.
Supply voltage and power range
    Rated current (main line)
    3 x 380-500 V...630-5000 kW
    3 x 525-690 V...630-5000 kW
Features and advantages
    The installation time is short, and the module can be delivered before the start of operation, saving maintenance costs and optimizing cash flow. The solution is standardized, saving costs. Modular design and pull-out function are adopted. Quick assembly and maintenance parts are always in stock and can be supplied at any time. Reduce downtime
Application macro
   Metallurgical line, continuous reel system, winder and unwinder, crane system, hoist and conveyor.






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