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VLT® MCD 201和MCD 202


    Two sets of soft starters provide all motor start solutions for motors up to 110 kW. MCD 201 has a high-efficiency motor start function, and the extended MCD 202 can improve the soft start function and additional motor protection functions.
    This series of soft starters are installed in a simple DIN rail installation, with power up to 30 kW, 2-wire or 3-wire start/stop control, and an excellent starting duty cycle (4 x Ie for 6 seconds). The starting torque under heavy load is 4x Ie and lasts 20 seconds. Compatible with grounded delta power system.
Supply voltage and power range
    3 x 200-575 V...7.5-110 kW (200 A)
    24 V AC or DC/110-440 V AC
Features and advantages
    It is convenient to connect with soft starters based on Ethernet, such as Rockwell PLC system, compact structure, saving panel space, built-in bypass, reducing installation cost and eliminating power consumption. The output waveform is balanced by the advanced SCR control algorithm, which can increase the number of starts per hour and increase the load. With the necessary motor protection function, it can reduce the total investment cost of the project. The maximum ambient temperature is 50° C, without derating, without external cooling or increasing heat dissipation space.
Application macro
    Pumps, conveyors, fans, mixers and compressors.






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