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Together with Dan, we will achieve resilience together-the 2020 Danfoss Transmission China partner and employee meeting ended successfully
December 14-15

Danfoss, a global leader in electrification, digitalization and intelligent manufacturing, successfully held the 2020 Danfoss Transmission China Partner and Staff Conference in Wuhan, Jiangcheng, with the “Common Aspirations of Danfoss and Resilience”. Partners from all over the country and Danfoss Transmission employees participated in this event. Under the special new normal in 2020, thanks to the joint efforts of all team members, Danfoss has made new breakthroughs in many fields and achieved impressive results.

Let's go to the first stop of the staff meeting with Xiaodan to participate in the "Seeing Life and Protecting Biodiversity" charity event.

The conference kicked off on the morning of December 14 in the "Seeing Life · Protecting Biodiversity" species diversity observation hiking charity event jointly organized with the Hubei Provincial Red Cross Foundation. Xu Yang, President of Danfoss China, Ji Hu, Secretary-General of Hubei Red Cross Foundation, Danfoss corporate employees, partners, and volunteers from Wuhan citizens participated in the public welfare activities that day.

The donations required for this event and the online crowdfunding project "Seeing Life · Protecting Biodiversity" charity donation step-by-step donation funds were all donated by Danfoss. At the same time, all volunteers will also contribute to enriching the East Lake species diversity database when participating in the species diversity observation of Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area.

Xu Yang, President of Danfoss China, delivered an important speech at the opening ceremony and said in an interview with Wuhan TV: “It is Danfoss’ important philosophy to care about the harmonious development of man and nature and support the protection of biodiversity. We have a new understanding of the meaning of life, and it allows us to re-examine our relationship with nature and the earth. Only when we regard nature as an extension of our body and spirit can we achieve harmony and harmony between man and nature. Sustained development. I hope that through our green and energy-saving solutions, we can contribute our strength in the process of building a zero-carbon society in China."

Ji Hu, Secretary-General of the Hubei Red Cross Foundation, expressed his gratitude to Danfoss for his love and commitment to actively fulfilling social responsibility at the opening ceremony! Ji Hu said: "The sudden new crown epidemic in 2020 has triggered a big discussion about the source of the virus. The new round of discussions on how people should get along with wild animals has once become a hot spot in the media. Humans and nature live in harmony. The vision has been outstanding after the epidemic. Today, we will assist in establishing the species diversity database of the East Lake Scenic Area through your walking observations, and understand how to participate in the environmental protection of the city from the side, and call on more public to pay attention to environmental protection and environmental protection. Practice environmental protection."
The Secretary-General of the Hubei Provincial Red Cross Foundation awarded Danfoss the title of "Caring Enterprise" at the scene. Danfoss gave back the book "Details of Denmark's Zero Carbon Life" describing the Danfoss green development model and experience.

Following the progress of the conference schedule, the following is the formal meeting link, let us listen to the views of the big coffee.

The meeting of Danfoss Transmission China's partners and employees meeting officially opened on the afternoon of the 14th. At the beginning of the meeting, we received greetings from Vesa Laisi, the president of Danfoss Drives in Europe, and Soren Kvorning, Senior Vice President of Danfoss Drives Global Sales and Services, for the Chinese market.

Vesa Laisi, President of Danfoss Transmission, said: “2020 is an extraordinary year.” In the current situation where the overall global transmission market has been declining, China has achieved remarkable results. China was able to recover from the plight of the new crown epidemic at the beginning of the year. I sincerely thank our Chinese partners. Thanks to your assistance, our growth rate this year has exceeded the overall market rate. "

Soren Kvorning, Senior Vice President of Global Sales Marketing and Service of Danfoss Transmission said: "In my opinion, the relationship between our sales and partners in China is like a big family. I hope that in 2021, our transmission team and partners can continue to perform. Specialty, to achieve growth beyond the overall market. We will also continue to invest in capabilities and resources for partners and internal teams, let us work together to achieve a win-win situation.

Mr. Xu Yang, President of Danfoss China, said in his speech:

“We all share the same destiny. In 2020, what we have experienced has made us deeply aware of this. As a responsible company, Danfoss donated mask materials to Wuhan Union Hospital during the period of acute shortage of epidemic materials. Thank you at that time. Employees and partners who have made special contributions. In 2020, our greater gain will come from the cohesion of our team. With the joint efforts and cooperation of Danfoss and all partners, Danfoss’ resumption rate on February 28 has reached 90%. In the next year, sales in China have repeatedly set new highs and delivered an excellent answer. In the future, Danfoss has ushered in new opportunities, and we will work with our partners to develop more brilliant careers."

Lu Zhongping, vice president of Danfoss Transmission China, said:

"In 2020, we have done a lot of long-term thinking. Looking at the next 3-5 years, we will use new opportunities to gather the strength of the team and provide a more resource-rich platform for the growth of the Danfoss team and business partners. At the same time. , We will accelerate the process of digital transformation and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the entire value chain, and further strengthen the influence of the Danfoss brand in China."

Yu Xiaoping, Senior Industry Director of Danfoss Transmission, said:

"With the development of the industry and the increasingly severe competition, we are facing both internal and external challenges. So how to deal with the ever-changing changes, change and innovation are indispensable. Therefore, we are required to use the advantages of product applications to formulate effective Solutions, while optimizing business models, strengthening management methods, and laying the foundation for industry market development from multiple dimensions."

Special guest Feng Jinzhong

This year's annual meeting also invited consultant Feng Jinzhong to share the topic of China's manufacturing economic analysis & the future development direction of agents, and help Danfoss employees and agents to develop and grow together.

Next comes the expected dinner session! This year's gala dinner program is very colorful!

The dinner on the 14th kicked off in a warm and romantic Christmas themed cocktail party. Accompanied by the melodious violin melody, the guests entered the venue one after another.

As the vanguard of the business team, the industry team took the lead to ignite the atmosphere of the scene with an inspiring opening, which will inspire us to create greater glories in 2021!

Immediately, Lu Zhongping, vice president of Danfoss Transmission China, addressed all the guests and expressed his expectations for the new year: "Let us cherish this moment to be able to gather together to celebrate our achievements and express our gratitude. Let us Firm belief, prepare for the upcoming 2021, and believe that we can be stronger."

At the end of the dinner, a song led by five tenors, and the song "Confirm that Love Will Win", sung by all the actors, pushed the dinner to a climax, condensing the power of recovery in the passionate and firm melody. In 2021, Danfoss and

Product technology is an indispensable ammunition for business success. Follow Xiao Dan's steps to the exciting content of Kangkang's technical theme forum this year!

On the morning of the 15th, 16 technical theme forums from 12 topics were held. Participants were fully engaged in listening attentively, and had in-depth exchanges and interactions with product technology after the meeting.

Our final itinerary of this meeting is positioned on the Yangtze River No. 9 cruise ship, let us take a look at the wonderful moments of the presentation.

Wuhan is called Jiangcheng because the Yangtze River and its largest tributary, the Han River, meet in the city. And taking a cruise to visit the Yangtze River has become one of the characteristics here.

On the afternoon of the 15th, the Danfoss Transmission staff meeting was held on the Yangtze River No. 9 cruise ship. The management of Danfoss Transmission introduced the core strategies and development directions of each department respectively. Combining the new normal in 2020 and the hot areas of China Strategy 3.0, we will look forward to and interpret future development from multiple dimensions.

The implementation of the strategy is inseparable from talents, and empowering talents is an important cornerstone of Danfoss’ future development. The back wave team from Danfoss Transmission’s 2020 talent training plan will control the ecosystem with digital chemicals, cooperate with brands in the industry, and digitalize the transmission industry. Development and subversion brought a wonderful graduation presentation speech for all employees. With a brand-new strategic concept and innovative technology platform as the driving force, it will definitely contribute to the future development of Danfoss Transmission.

At the dinner on the 15th, a small video recorded by all employees received the most applause. Whether it’s the review of 2019 or the expectation of 2021, it truly expressed everyone’s aspirations. We look forward to everyone. Can live out their own splendor! At the same time, awards were given to employees who have worked at Danfoss for 15 and 20 years. Finally, the two-day annual event of the Dan family came to an end in the beautiful Yangtze River cruise.

"In China, for China" is the core of Danfoss' China strategy. Looking to the future, we will continue to work tirelessly and join hands with partners to bring green technologies and solutions to China, support China’s sustainable development, fully support China’s realization of green mountains and green waters, and help China achieve the grandeur of carbon neutrality by 2060. the goal.

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