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VLT® MCD 100


    Danfoss soft starter VLT® Soft Start Controller MCD 10 is a very cost-effective and compact soft starter, which can provide basic soft start and stop functions and can be easily installed on a DIN rail.
    The maintenance-free semiconductor design simplifies installation, saves panel space, and can be selected according to the motor power. It can realize synchronous voltage ramp up and down. The rise and fall time can be adjusted individually and accurately with a rotary switch, the range is 0.4-10 seconds, and the starting torque adjustment range is 0-85% of the direct online torque.
Supply voltage and power range
    3 x 208-600 V...0.1-11 kW (25 A)
    24-480 V AC or DC
Features and advantages
    Compact structure, saving panel space Utilizing universal control voltage can simplify the selection process and reduce inventory. Use simple DIN rail installation method to install various models with power below 30 kW, saving debugging time and space. Using durable semiconductor design, the number of starts per hour is almost unlimited, and there is no derating phenomenon, stable operation, the highest ambient temperature is 50 °C, no derating, no need for external cooling or increasing heat dissipation space.
Application macro
    Scroll compressors or reciprocating compressors, conveyors, pumps, fans and mixers for air conditioning equipment.






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